Delivery Dashboard

 Dear All,

Thanks for your support during the whole preorder phase, let's give our sincere apologies for those people who kept waiting for months for their order to arrive, but those people still kept showing their maximum tolerance and maximum patience during the whole waiting days, it is our great honor that to have your kind heart and nice temper staying along with us all the way.

we are glad to make this notification that we are finally catching up the shipping date by months of efforts working on all kinds of components alignments. Retroid pocket 2+ are moving to retail sales phase from Today (5/10), and new orders from now on will be shipped within 7 days by default. This delivery dashboard page will stop updating. 

We will still keep us listening to the community and customer's voice to move the software OTA going ahead, and try our best to build Retroid as a brand with decent reputation on build quality and customer service. 

Thanks for choosing Retroid!


 PCB Board/ Color Order Date In Stock
Black / Yes
White / Yes


RP2+/ Color Order Date Shipping Time
16 Bit 2022/4/18-2022/4/30 2022/5/10
Indigo 2022/4/26-2022/5/4 2022/5/5
Black 2022/4/30-2022/5/9 2022/5/10
Orange 2022/5/5-2022/5/9 2022/5/10
Retro 2022/5/5-2022/5/7 2022/5/10


Special shipping requirements:

1. Brazil shipping need to offer CPF number with correct format of 000.000.000-00 or 00.000.000/0000-00.

2. Taiwan need to offer ID card Number for shipping with Chinese address; HK also need to offer address in Chinese;

3. Korean client need to offer PCC number.

4. DHL may require to pay duty tax especially for European countries which should be charged by buyer!And if the place belongs to the remote shipping area, it will charge USD$50 fixed amount by DHL.

5. If you live in Russia then you'll have inferior tracking and 2 months delivery.