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To our loyal customers,

Back in November, we launched an exciting new product, called the Retroid Pocket 3+. It's been a long and winding road. We've had some speed bumps along the way. But we endured, and persevered! We're now in the final stretch, with the finish line in sight! We are happy to announce that the RP3+ pre-order phase will conclude on Today(1/14/23). This means all colors of the RP3+ will be ready to ship, within a few days of placing an order.

Thank you so much for all of the kind words of encouragement, while we fought to recover from COVID. You all really motivated us, to get better. We are proud to serve you, each and every day. Thank you for helping us grow. We look forward to releasing exciting new products in the future.

Please note, we will be closed from 1/16/2023-1/30/2023 for the CNY holiday. Customer Service will be open, but in a limited capacity. Email response will be delayed during this time. Customer service will not be available on Discord during this time. The shipping department is also closed during this time. We will resume normal operations starting on 1/30/2023.

Team Retroid


Retroid Pocket 3+ Order Date Shipping Time
Upgrade PCB / /


RP3+ / Color Order Date Shipping Time
16 Bit  2023/01/12-2023/01/14 2023/01/14
Indigo 2023/01/14-2023/02/03 2022/02/06
Black 2023/01/12-2023/01/14 2023/01/14
Orange 2023/01/14-2023/01/30 2023/02/06
Retro 2023/01/14-2023/02/06 2023/02/06
16Bit US 2023/01/12-2023/01/14 2023/01/14
Clear Purple 2023/01/14-2023/01/22 2022/02/06
Clear Blue 2023/01/12-2023/01/22 2023/02/06


Special shipping requirements:

1. Brazil shipping need to offer CPF number with correct format of 000.000.000-00 or 00.000.000/0000-00.

2. Taiwan need to offer ID card Number for shipping with Chinese address; HK also need to offer address in Chinese;

3. Korean client need to offer PCC number.

4. DHL may require to pay duty tax especially for European countries which should be charged by buyer!And if the place belongs to the remote shipping area, it will charge USD$50 fixed amount by DHL.

5. If you live in Russia then you'll have inferior tracking and 2 months delivery.